A major tenant of the labor movement is that a rising tide lifts all boats. We always try to lift others up through our numerous charitable works.


Operation Warm: Is focused on making no child is cold during winter. We provide coats to Kindergartners, 1st Graders, and Pre-K students.







New in 2020, we started our Scholarship program. A combination award to Rochester City School District students and children of IAFF members. We awarded 3 scholarships in our first year, but hope to expand that as more graduating Seniors learn of the program.




In 2019, our brothers and sisters at the Rochester Police Department experienced a tough year. One officer was permanently disabled on duty and an off duty officer died in a shocking accident. Our firefighters who regularly worked with these two officers felt compelled to help our brothers in blue. A core group of firefighters and a few retirees put on a pasta dinner at our Union Hall with all proceeds going to the families of these two officers.