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Friday, April 22, 2016

RFD Promotions

Fire Chief John Schreiber made the following Promotions today:

Thomas Szatko, Executive Deputy Chief

Russell Merrick, Deputy Chief
Christine Schryver, Deputy Chief
Willie Jackson, Deputy Chief

Captain William Fitzsimons
Captain Michael Nolte
Captain Thomas Jaworowicz

Lieutenant John Grieco
Lieutenant Casey Gilbert
Lieutenant Tramell Parsons
Lieutenant Lisa Bubel
Lieutenant Daniel Curran
Lieutenant Daniel O’Toole

Congratulations to these members and their families.  
Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 General Election Results

Congratulations to the following Board members that were elected to a three year term in the 2016 General Election: 

Eddie Santiago        President

Darryl Winter             Treasurer

James Smallwood   Sgt. at Arms

Michael Dupra          Battalion Chief’s Representative

Thomas Reina          Group 4 Trustee

Steve Morgan           Staff Trustee

Our Mission

The object of this Local is to give voice to our members, to improve their morale, intellectual, social and economic conditions. To consider the sick, and respect the dead, to promote skill and pride in our work, to promote cordial relations with everyone we contact or serve, to promote social, charitable, and athletic activities, and promote health and safety practices.



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RFD Truck 10

RFD Truck 10
Photo by: David Mallory