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Thursday, December 13, 2012

TPC Results

The Official Results of the 2012 TPC General Election are reported as follows:

135 members voted: 

James A. McTiernan, III                     95 votes                       DECLARED WINNER 

James Smallwood                               85 votes                       DECLARED WINNER 

Scott Miller                                         82 votes                       DECLARED WINNER 

Scott Joerger                                       78 votes                       DECLARED WINNER 

Robert Lindner                                   22 votes 

Brian Glise                                          55 votes

Alphonse White, III                            85 votes                       DECLARED WINNER 

Joe Luna                                              38 votes

Jonathon Young                                  16 votes 

Ted Kuppinger                                    40 votes 

Doug Kress                                         25 votes

All elected members shall take office January 1, 2013.

Our Mission

The object of this Local is to give voice to our members, to improve their morale, intellectual, social and economic conditions. To consider the sick, and respect the dead, to promote skill and pride in our work, to promote cordial relations with everyone we contact or serve, to promote social, charitable, and athletic activities, and promote health and safety practices.

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RFD Truck 10
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